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Richard Pook Delivery of the Yacht Impulse
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The priorities for a successful yacht delivery are considerations for the safety of vessel and crew. It is essential they both arrive at the destination in the best of condition!

Capt Pook draws from a large pool of crew of whom he has personal experience. He also encourages new potential crew to register with him. These are reference-checked thoroughly for experience, qualifications, and reliability.

Prior to departure, Capt Pook always carries out a thorough inspection of the vessel, to ensure that it is in suitable condition for the passage, and also inspects all safety equipment for condition and validity. Inevitably, from time to time, this means a delayed departure while repairs or corrections are carried out.

A recent delivery of a yacht for a large charter company, an up-wind passage of around 1500 miles, from Placencia, Belize to Tortola, BVI, was one such case. Initial sea trials of 'Serenity' revealed a structural problem with the rudder stock. This is not always bad news for the crew however! It did allow Richard and crew, Sam, a couple of days of pre-voyage RandR while satisfactory repairs were carried out on the boat. They hired a couple of bicycles and and explored the beauty of the Belize coast in a relaxing way!

Finally, boat prepared, it was time to stamp the paperwork and receive clearance documents for the trip. This involved a half-hour dingy ride up the Big Creek, in search of Customs and Immigration. Initially finding the quaint wooden office closed, they retired to a 'local' establishment for food and drink, aided by a taxi driver whose car seemed barely fit for the roads! The delivery was carried out and completed with no further ado, emphasizing the importance, laid in store by Capt.Pook, of pre-departure inspection for defects.

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